about me

初鹿かつら / Katsura HATSUSHIKA



Bespoke Jewelry. a Bejeweled lifestyle makes your days happy.
Class of 2000 Hiko-Mizuno Jewelry college.

After worked at a traditional Japanese wholesale jewelry company as a planner, MD, and designer for new brand launching, start the making order jewelry in freelance from 2002.

Promote the daily-usable high jewelry for casually, and the sustainable jewelry –  beyond the trend, generation and inheriting the history and the own stories.
In 2015, re-started in freelance to enhance the “Bejeweled lifestyle” based on have a long career in the Marketing, Branding (wealthy, lifestyle), Promotion (attache de press) and planning for Japanese, US, and European top national brand (LVMH, AMEX, McCann Erickson).